Financial statements, quarterly reports, business plans, intellectual property, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) — rms:anywhere® by Ramessys gives your organization the power to collaborate securely, protecting your documents even outside the perimeter of your highly secured repositories.

With DRM, you know exactly who can access your electronic documents and what they can do with them. Without DRM, sharing a sensitive document is giving away your intellectual property and competitive advantage.

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About Ramessys

Ramessys is a new generation of information security experts focused on in situ data protection. We are experts in Microsoft’s Rights Management Services.

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How We Can Help

Our consulting services and products give you the tools to keep control of all sensitive documents beyond your organization’s data repositories.

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Why Rights Management?

Digital rights management controls are necessary to prevent an organization’s data from being used, copied, and distributed in unintended ways.

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