Ramessys is a new venture built around a concept that fills a void in the market. We think it has amazing potential and we’re committed to proving it and scaling it and making it everything that we think it can be. And here is where we’ll record our journey.

I’m not necessarily a car guy — I admire them from a distance while I’m still driving only the second car I’ve owned in the last 14 years (had to give up my previous SUV at 218,000 miles) — but everyone can relate to car analogies. And starting a company is like accelerating a car. Everyone starts at zero and everyone wants to be going 60 mph. Now, my goal of 60 mph might look a little different than someone else’s 60 mph, but metaphorically, 60 mph is the next level of success.

We’re probably sitting somewhere between 3.5 – 3.9 mph right now. When you’re down in these lower ranges, every tenth counts. It can be difficult to understand your current speed when all your attention is focused on gaining more speed and trying to strike a balance between continuing to accelerate and preparing for the next steering correction or gear shift, but never underestimate the value of self-awareness!

Funny to think that so early in the process, we’ve experienced little successes and little failures that can cause mood swings in our collective company disposition. The key to navigating this is to understand that it’s probably never as bad as it might seem. And it’s probably never as good as it might seem. Know that there is better on the way and there is also worse on the way.

As rock legend Steven Tyler once sang, “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” Enjoy the ride.