Ramessys can help your organization take control over how its data is being accessed and distributed. Our consulting services and signature product rms:anywhere® have been built around giving your organization powerful tools to ensure that your sensitive data is accessed by only the right people.


You have already secured your business-critical knowledge repositories, but what happens to user-downloaded documents? They get loaded to USB devices, sent to personal email accounts, opened on unmanaged devices over hotel Wi-Fi, re-shared, and re-used – just in the course of normal business. Not to mention accidental or intentional mishandling by insiders or the ever-increasing threat by malicious actors.
rms:anywhere® stops this by securing documents as soon as they leave your repositories – security that will follow the documents wherever they go.

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You’ve secured your important business data with RMS, and now it’s distributed to your users and across your enterprise. Now you need to find it — an upcoming merger, a legal hold order, a need to reclaim extant copies — with rms:finder™, you can see where RMS content exists in your enterprise.
rms:finder™ discovers protected files and their RMS policies, enabling proactive remediation of user experience issues. The basic release provides local fixed drive scanning while the enterprise release adds central repository aggregation and reporting along with network drive scanning.

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Consulting Services

Ramessys’s information security experts can bring their experience with data protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM), and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to your organization. Between employees, vendors, and partners, your proprietary information can reside in unexpected places. Our team can help you understand where your data is going and how to keep it encrypted and secure wherever it goes.