Persistent protection beyond the repository

Microsoft offers a best-in-class DRM security solution that enables businesses to provide encryption and rights management for their sensitive data. rms:anywhere™ leverages this advanced protection by extending DRM security beyond Microsoft repositories like SharePoint and Office 365. rms:anywhere™ utilizes Microsoft’s Active Directory identity management system to enable DRM for corporate repositories outside the Microsoft ecosystem, bridging the divide between the Microsoft environment and non-Microsoft key data repositories.

How rms:anywhere™ works

Acquire. Get content from your secure repository using any of our Input Connectors supporting industry standard protocols and methods along with selected Document Management products.

Protect. We protect your sensitive content using Microsoft’s RMS (Rights Management Services) to ensure broad compatibility and the highest levels of security. Content is encrypted and use rights are managed to ensure that only the intended recipient can use your data. You can also control what they do with the data — print, edit, copy — you control how your electronic documents are used.

Distribute. Once your content is protected, we can distribute to many different endpoints using our Distribution Connector technology. Need to put it on a file server? Need to email it or host it on a web server? Need to move it to a cloud-based file sharing system such as OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box?

With our distribution capabilities, we can store your protected content where it is most convenient for your users to get it.

Key Features and Benefits

Who owns the private key? You do. rms:anywhere™ uses your RMS infrastructure.

On-premise deployment. We deploy rms:anywhere™ on server infrastructure you control.

Sensitive data is stored only in memory. Your data cannot be recovered from a stolen server disk drive as it is never saved in unencrypted form.

Uses Microsoft’s Identity Management Infrastructure. rms:anywhere™ leverages your investment in your existing Microsoft Active Directory enterprise identity infrastructure.

Document watermarking. rms:anywhere™ provides tracking and dynamic watermarking to enable individual document identifiers.

Broad support for multiple file types. Keep your documents in their native format. rms:anywhere™ supports all Microsoft Office document formats for encryption and rights management and all other file types (including secure PDF) for encryption and authorization.