Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a technology that protects sensitive information from unauthorized access and use. DRM enables both encryption (rendering your data unreadable by an unauthorized user), and rights management (the ability to decide what actions an authorized user can perform with your data; e.g., print, edit, copy).

Why is DRM needed?

Sensitive business data must be extremely secure, yet easy to use and easy to share securely with business partners. Your document repository is most likely very secure. What is also needed is the ability to extend that robust security to documents that are removed from the repository and used by employees, vendors, and business partners. DRM enables collaboration, while giving you control of the trust relationship after your information leaves your repository:

  • Give users of your information just the rights they need to perform the required task.

  • Expire content when needed, after it has been given to a business partner.

  • Revoke access when that partner no longer needs access to your data.

Keep control of your sensitive data and maintain your competitive advantage.